We bring the real-time view of the outside environment into the elevator cabin.
Real veiw.
Real time.
Real life.
LiftEye TM
Bring the true sense of time
and place to your passenger.
The Real Time. The LiftEyeTM Sence.
LiftEye Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)20 3734 1095
Twisden Works, Twisden Road, London NW5 1DN, UK
A list of Directors is available at the above address.
LiftEye is a limited company registered in England, registration number 8650173.
Patents pending. ©LiftEye Ltd, 2013. All rights reserved.
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LiftEye TM
Probably the most valuable breakthrough in the elevator industry over the years
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What are you up to while elevator moves?
Staring at the wall...
Trying to make yourself busy...
Counting seconds...
We know how to transform the elevator experience forever. That's why we introduced LiftEyeTM
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